Personal Integration and Transformation

Focuses on Human-Spiritual Integration for Wholeness

• Coming Home to my True Self

Deep at the center of our being is our true self, which is the basis of our personal, occupational and relational identity. As we discover this true self, we are at “home” anywhere we are in the world. We go can beyond labels and expectations. We can say goodbye to the anguish of alienation and disconnection. We can welcome the peace and joy of being who we are, despite various life circumstances.

• Lifework: Discovering and Living my Soul Mission

In a focused and gentle process, we explore the interface of being and doing, which leads to a discovery of one’s soul mission. It is an invitation to identify the intersection of one’s innermost joy and the world’s most significant hunger, which is a space of deep fulfillment and contentment. Recommended for those considering a lifetime of purposeful living in alignment with one’s soul path. (Coming Home to My True Self is a pre-requisite.)


Retreats & Renewal for Healing & Wellbeing

Experience Retreats and Renewal for Healing and Wellbeing

• GINHAWA Signature Wellbeing Retreat

Now more than ever, experience healing at all levels with our signature program, the GINHAWA Well-being Retreat. Thousands of professionals seeking health, wholeness and rest have benefited from an exponential energy boost from GINHAWA’s gentle, creative, and naturally detoxifying exercises facilitated by facilitator-healers.

Explore the wonders of bioenergetics exercises for you to: 

• Help the body come closer to its natural state of balance
• Become aware of the tensed/painful areas of the body and release tensions that are stored in the muscles and joints
• Deal with energetic/locked up blockages, thus experiencing relief 


Honoring our personal and ecological self. Healing the human and Earth community through the organic way of life. Sunset and sunrise ceremonies in a setting that celebrates the whole community of life.

• GINHAWA Family Healing Retreat

Recognizing family dynamics and addressing deeper issues. Moving from grief to gratitude, struggle to a salutation. Affirming the love and the bond that connects. Healing the past, relishing the now, blessing the future.



Creativity, Culture, and

• BAYBAYIN Creativity Intensive and other Baybayin-inspired class/workshops

Re-connection to one’s Filipino identity and growth in the appreciation of one’s cultural roots and through Baybayin, the ancient writing script of Filipinos

• GINHAWA Healing Arts Festival

Exploration of the inherent gift of Filipinos to heal and care, in various spheres, through different modalities and healing art forms.

• GINHAWA Forum Fest

A FORUM that provides a space for people to learn about perspectives and practices that can help address the current challenges we are facing and the possibilities for individual and collective well-being.

It is also a FESTIVAL of harnessing complementary voices and perspectives from spirituality, holistic health & fitness, indigenous mind, natural science, art, education and psychology. Includes talks, discussions, meditation, workshop, creative process, performances, music, ritual. 


Modular and experiential learning for a life practice of facilitating-teaching spaces
that are healing and transformative
for individuals and groups.

These programs are creative and guided learning processes that enable the student-learner to discover and/or deepen one’s inherent talents and treasures and apply these for personal and communal healing and growth in wholeness.

• GINHAWA Facilitators Certificate Program

• Certificate Training of Teaching Baybayin Basics

• Art of Ritual Making: Basic and Advanced

• Culture Bearer Lecture-Ritual series

• Wholistic perspective of the human person
• Can integrate the physical and spiritual
• Integration of creativity, spirituality at the service of well-being
• Inclusive of right-left brain approaches of learning, Eastern and Western perspectives
• Inclusive of spiritual traditions
• Bridges the personal, social-ecological wellness


For over 20 years, GINHAWA has reached out to thousands of Filipinos in the country and overseas through programs that are creative, spiritually inclusive, and grounded in many years of applied learning.

Some of GINHAWA’s outreach to communities and sectors-in-need were:

• Healing program for children survivors of abuse and women-in-crisis
• Integrative healing sessions for people living with AIDS/HIV+
• De-stressing for frontline workers
• Self-care for social workers, teachers, and NGO’s
• Healing rituals for survivors of natural calamities like typhoon Ondoy, Yolanda (Haiyan)
• Eco-retreat for NGO staff in climate-vulnerable communities
• Session for overseas Filipino migrants psycho-emotionally affected by the pandemic

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